Our Story | An Ambitious Vision Of Building A New World

An Ambitious Vision Of Building A New World

By Akshay Kolte, Executive Producer

When we first began developing the concept of Into the Echo, many experts were talking about how MMORPGs as a genre was dead. The industry was simply recycling the same formula and not really innovating afresh. But we soon realized that behind the scenes, a lot was going on. In truth, the MMO genre was simply going through a phase transition. New technological innovations are allowing us to think beyond what was possible only a few years ago. This also meant that traditional game design principles were no longer relevant. This prompted us to set out on a journey to discover what it truly means to live in a virtual world.

Behind the curtain of instant gratification, grindy gameplay, and incessant micro-transactions, we have lost the sense of adventure and wonder that first attracted us to games. We can try and replicate all the mechanics of the games we grew up playing, but in truth, the reason we loved playing these games was not just the mechanics but the psychology behind our experiences. There was always a sense of the unknown within those early experiences, a mystery lurking just around the corner waiting to be discovered. The harmony of anticipation, speculation, and excitement gave us the sense of enjoyment that we have been craving every time we pick up a new title. The challenge was to bring that same spirit of adventure into an MMORPG - and the only way to do that was building from the ground up.

A Brave New World

We have taken on this ambitious task and set out to build not just a game but a whole new universe filled with events that will transcend platforms and media channels. Our vision is to create a beautiful and dynamic virtual universe that you actually would want to live in - where you feel a sense of purpose and individuality that makes you want to cherish it and feel the need to protect it. Our goal is to create a diverse, inclusive and culturally vibrant virtual world - something that the real world can only aspire to become. But in doing so, we want to bring people together and share experiences and wisdom that we can bring into our real lives and hopefully enrich it - for ourselves and those around us.

It has been a lofty goal, but it is best to shoot for the stars. Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to share with you all that we have achieved so far. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve. Stay tuned on our blogs, social media channels, discord and more to get the latest news and updates.


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