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Designing for Longevity

By Siddharth Kolte, Art Director

When we began developing the concept of "Into The Echo", we wanted to create a game that would be played for years - decades even. The question was, how would we do it without diminishing the marginal returns that players get the more they play it. How could we be sure that the thrill of adventure was never lost - that there was always a new mystery lurking around the corner that would get players just as excited years later as they were the very first day they began to play.

It was vital for us to think of this question from the beginning - how do we build a world for longevity? We found the answer in a methodology of world-building called the design approach. The premise behind this methodology was to build the world from the ground up and evolve it to a certain idea rather than starting with the idea and building the history backwards to fit it. We are not the first to adopt this methodology - but I believe we might be amongst the very few that have used it at this vast scale.

When we started building the world of "Into The Echo", we went back a million years to the nascent stages of evolution of this fantasy planet and began there. We worked our way up weaving in evolutionary, ecological, geological, and anthropological events intertwined with stories of people who lived through these times. And then we did it again, over and over until we had a rich, diverse and beautiful world with a deep history going back millennia.

The world of "Into The Echo" is vast. Unique tribes, cultures, languages, flora, fauna and our very own unique take on the concept of magic - you will find it all here. This vast world has provided us with a foundation to build experiences that players will enjoy for years to come. A brand-new world awaits you, and we cannot wait for you to experience it. Join us now, for we are about to embark on a wondrous journey across time on this fascinating planet.


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